Multiverse: Disability, Technology, and Co-created Futures

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Multiverse: Disability, Technology, and Co-created Futures

The topic of disability and technology has often been dominated by industry experts. On the one hand, many technologies that seem to be invented for or in the name of serving people with disabilities may not truly understand the real needs of individuals with disabilities. On the other hand, many people with disabilities are actively involved in technology production, working in professions related to high technology.


People with disabilities have a say in technology discussions. Disability experience is an indispensable expertise in the field of technology.

The online exhibition "Multiverse: Disability, Technology, and Co-created Futures" is mainly divided into three sections. The first section, "Unrestricted Body-minds," showcases representative technological artifacts from the history of disability, including "Blind People's Writing Technology," "The Possibilities of Tactility," "The Past and Present of Cyborgs," "Disability is Situational," and "The Art of Synesthesia." These digital exhibits are provided by institutions such as the MIT Museum, the Tsinghua University Science Museum, the Tsinghua University Future Laboratory, and the China Special Education Museum.

The second section, "Hidden Figures," reveals the significant contributions of individuals with disabilities to the history of technological development. It also features interviews with Chinese experts in disability technology and related audio-visual materials, allowing behind-the-scenes individuals with disabilities actively involved in technology production to step into the spotlight.

The third section, "Open Futures," invites participants from the disability community to contribute multimedia exhibits, sharing their experiences of using and engaging with technology. The section concludes with a message board, hoping to encourage more individuals with disabilities to continue speaking out.

The exhibition aims to present the diverse voices of the disability community, eliminate misconceptions about disabilities, and facilitate dialogue between the disability community and the scientific and technological industry.

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